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Bliss OS brings the best of what Android has to offer to your projects.

With a wide variety of compatibility for devices built in, we can help to bring the experience your customers demand, and the features they deserve.

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Bliss OS inherits the same Apache v2 licensing that AOSP uses for most of the components, while many of the other components like Android-Generic Project use GPL-2.0 license.
For product use, we do not include proprietary components like Google Apps, Native-Bridge, and widevine. Some features and toolkits like our rebranding toolkit would require additional licensing to be obtained by the customer. 

- AOSP Licenses - Bliss OS License - Bliss ROM License - Android-Generic Project License - Boringdroid License -

For Bliss OS source, we do catalog all the repos used and their licenses. You can view that here.


Q: Is Bliss OS suitable for individuals?

A: Yes, Bliss OS public releases are designed to be used as a daily replacement for Windows, ChromeOS, Mac OS or Linux and work is consistently being done to improve the User Experience.

We offer users multiple types of builds to help fit their needs:
- Gapps Builds: Comes with Google Play Store, Widevine and ARM compatibility layer options
- FOSS Builds: Comes with open-source alternatives for Google Play Store and media alternatives. 
- Vanilla Builds: Comes with no added apps and services. Basic media support. 

Q: Does Bliss OS include proprietary software?

A: Yes. Our GMS/Gapps releases include proprietary software, and are intended for individuals only, while our FOSS and Vanilla builds might include some proprietary parts as well. 

Proprietary redistributables in all Bliss OS public builds: 
- linux-firmware blobs 
- Proprietary linux drivers (broadcom-wl for example) 
- some media codecs (for decoding H.264/HEVC) 
- ARM Translation Library (Houdini or libndk-translation) 
- Widevine L3 

Extra proprietary redistributables in BlissOS Gapps builds include Google Play Serivces & Google Play Store.

Q: Is Bliss OS suitable for companies?

A: Yes, but not all builds. We produce minimal vanilla and FOSS Bliss OS, and Bliss-Bass (bare-bones with added configurability options), and AOSP builds with basic x86/x86_64 PC hardware support. Both the AOSP and Bliss-Bass builds come with no proprietary software included, and those are available to test with. While those builds are very basic, they do include much of what would be needed to base a product off of. If your product requires no additional changes on top of what is released to the public, then you are free to use it at no cost.
If your product requires Google Apps, ARM/ARM64 Native-Bridge, or Widevine, due to licensing restrictions, we suggest that you reach out and we can help you look into alternative options using open-source solutions. 

You can find our production ready test builds:
 Bliss-Bass test builds

Q: Can my company use Bliss OS with Gapps as-is?

A: No. The Bliss OS versions that include Google Play Store, native-bridge, or widevine are not fit for commercial use or meant to be included in products as they contain proprietary features and services that typically require per-product licensing through Google, Intel, or others. We do however release public Vanilla and FOSS (bare-bones) builds that do not contain any proprietary resources.

Most of those proprietary licenses are not eligible for use in generic operating-system setups. Some require the device to pass certification programs that is only meant for single device certifications. 

Q: Can my company use Bliss OS source-code in a product?

A: Yes, This applies to Android-PC (AOSP), Bliss OS, Bliss OS Go or Bliss Bass sources. If you are an individual developer, a startup, or represent some other business enterprise and you are interested in using our sources, the open-source licenses we maintain allow you to use the source at no cost as long as you use it: A) as-is, B) you contribute any changes made back to the source, or C) produce the full source to the public independently. If you would like to use our source and make changes to it that you do not plan on releasing as open-source, we request you contact us to work out a per-device licensing agreement and/or setup a development contract for branding, optimizations and specific needs.

Q: Does my company have to release any changes made to the collective source code of Bliss OS?

A: This all depends on where the changes in the source were made, as many repos in the project retain a different OSS Licenses, there are different requirements per repo. If you are unsure if your company needs to release the source for any of the changes made, please feel free to contact us.

Another thing to pay attention to is if the tools being used require the end product or alterations to be released. Some Apache 2.0 licensed projects allow for that requirement to be made. Some versions of Android-Generic Project also have similar licensing requirements. We have put together a toolkit to help identify these types of licenses within the source. You can find that here.

Licensing Questions?

We try to offer a wide variety of licensing options that cater to organizations of all sizes.

If you are not sure if you need a license, or just have some questions on our licensing options, please feel free to contact us. We love helping out others find the best way to contribute back to the source.

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We offer OEM toolkits, custom options for automatic installation, as well as endless other customization options.

System Settings

We are available for contract work to help you with any specific device tuning and development in order to achieve the targets you require.

OTA Updates & LTS Contracts

We offer OTA updates for a variety of hardware and offer Long Term Service contracts as well. 

Advanced Prototyping Tools

We develop a few different tools and one of them is Android Generic Project (AG), a rapid prototyping toolkit for Android on PC (x86) hardware.
AG uses GNU General Public License v2.0

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If you decide to include our work in your project or product, we would appreciate you including a link to BlissLabs as well as the projects you used. We have included a branding guide below for your convenience if you also choose to represent our branding in your project.

Visual Branding Guide

We offer a loose branding guide for our partners to follow. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have

Branding Guide

Our Logos

We have a few assets for our partners to use in their designs. Please see below for a few options and feel free to contact us for more if you are in need.

Third-Party Repositories & Packages

We recommend all software included in Bliss OS releases be inspected and agreed upon through official involvement with BlissLabs in order to ensure user privacy and security guidelnes. All third-party software must also agree to present source code for us to inspect as well. Failure to do this may void any support contracts or retail contracts. 

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We love to hear from potential partners and offer a way for you to talk directly with the team by emailing us Whether you’re an existing partner or want to explore offering BlissOS, we look forward to hearing from you.

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