Bliss OS for PC

Android for your PC

An Open Source OS, based on Android, that incorporates many optimizations, features, and expanded device support. And it is available for just about any Chromebook, Windows/Linux PC or tablet released in the last 4 years

Bliss OS Features

Focus on design

We include many options for customization and theming throughout the OS

Customized settings

We offer many custom options for big screens and small screens alike that allow you to setup your device for various different tasks


We built the OS with a focus on speed and stability with tweaks to assist in the most demanding applications


Extra options are provided to help tune battery consumption to the best levels

Added Security

Additional security options and features are found throughout the OS. And AOSP security updates are merged regularly


We bring Bliss to every device we own. And our PC builds include extras for ARM/ARM64 app compatibility

Desktop or Tablet UI

Bliss OS lets the user choose between Desktop or Tablet UI, based on the launcher being used. You can even mix the two for a truly customized experience

Taskbar, by @farmerbb

An Open Source Desktop launcher that allows the use of a bottom taskbar, with Bliss button (start menu)

BoringdroidSystemUI, by @Utzcoz

An integrated desktop launcher with tasks, built into the navigation bar (Coming Soon)

AOSP based Launcher

An Open Source launcher that is more geared towards a tablet interface. Based off AOSP Launcher 3

More Compatibility

Bliss OS comes with a variety of added features for compatibility with ARM/ARM64 Apps and support for Widewine L3 DRM to play Netflix & Amazon Prime videos. As well as added configurations for gamepads and profiles for Tincore Keymapper, allowing users to game like never before

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Everything We Do is Open Source

Many of our competitors do offer their OS a free download, but that typically means that you are the product, and they are making money off your data

We respect your personal data

Not only do we respect your privacy, but we vow to never include anything to put your data in jeopardy. We are also constantly updating things with the latest security updates from Google for our currently developed version(s) of Bliss OS. And all our source code is also available to help make sure that your data and safety are at the top of our concerns. For users that have an even greater concern about their user data, we also offer Bliss OS builds that are Google Services free, and come with fDroid & microG for a truly secure user experience

We volunteer our time.

We are a 501(c3) nonprofit, run by people that donate their free time towards the project. We do our best to bring a quality OS to your device, while working a real job on the side in most cases. Please consider showing us we're on the right track by clicking the button below.

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Bliss OS Versions

Bliss OS 11 (Stable) (Android 9.0)
Bliss OS 12 (Depreciated) (Android 10)
Bliss OS 14 (RC) (Android 11)
Bliss OS 15 (Alpha) (Android 12)

Bliss OS comes in a few flavors

Since we are usually working across multiple versions of Android with Bliss OS, things can get a little confusing when it comes to figuring out what build type is right for you. Here is a little explanation of our currently supported variants to help things along

Bliss OS 11.x

These are generic builds based on Android 9 (Pie) and BlissROMs sources. These are considered our current stable branch
(These builds come with ARM/ARM64 App compatibility)

XDA thread

Bliss OS 14.x

These are generic builds based on Android 11 (R) and BlissROMs sources. These builds are considered as experimental and 14.x is still under development
(Bliss 14.x has new ARM/ARM64 app compatibility)

Learn More About Android-Generic XDA thread

Bliss OS Variations

Info about what is included in our builds and how it relates to your hardware.

These are the apps included in the builds. Each set is a minimal set of default apps, providing basic functionaliy.

  • Stock - Normally barebones, minimal apps added. Perfect for product testing
  • FOSS - Includes Free and Open Source apps and app store solutions (Aurora Droid for open-source apps from F-Droid repos, and Aurora Store for accessing the Google Play library of apps)
  • Gapps/GMS - Includes Google Play Services (Minimal set of apps, comparible to Pico/Nano)

Find more info on Bliss OS Knowledge Base
The Kernel is part of the operating system And it's the most crucial part of the OS. New Kernel can be unstable for old hardware so choose your build accordingly.

How to identify kernel version in ISO file ?
This is the file name we use to define kernel & Arch in our ISO builds

  • x86/x86_64 :- Device Type 32bit/64bit
  • _k-xxxx :- Kernel Branch - ex: _k-5.4

Find more info on Bliss OS Knowledge Base
Mesa is an open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification. OpenGL is a programming library for writing interactive 3D applications.
basically it's your GPU driver for Android-x86.

How to identify Mesa version in ISO file ?

  • _m-xxxxx :- Mesa Branch - ex: m-r-x86 (r/r-x86 means stock Mesa branch in current manifest)

  • Find more info on Bliss OS Knowledge Base
Native-Bridge is an ARM translation layer for android x86 developed by Intel and Google to run ARM apps on x86 architecture.

How to identify Native-Bridge Types in ISO file ?

  • houdini - Includes Intel's Houdini (Works with most Intel CPU's and some recent AMD CPU's)
  • libndk - Includes Google's libndk-translation (Works on all CPU's, but not as efficient as Houdini)

Find more info on Bliss OS Knowledge Base

  • Intel i Series (i3/5/7/9) - Fully Supported
  • Intel Celeron M - Fully Supported (Kernel 5.4+ recommended)
  • Intel Atom - Mostly Supported (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
  • Core2Duo - Not Fully Supported (Needs SSE4.2) (May require 32bit builds)


  • A Series - Mostly Supported (Needs SSE4.2) (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
  • Ryzen Series (1k-7k) - Fully Supported (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
  • Athlon Series - Mostly Supported (Needs SSE4.2) (Kernel 5.10+ recommended)
Find more info on Bliss OS Knowledge Base
All of our builds include support for the following GPU's:

  • Intel / AMD iGPU - all supported + Vulkan
  • AMD Desktop GPUs - mostly supported + Vulkan
  • Nvidia Desktop GPUs - poor support - no vulkan

Find more info on Bliss OS Knowledge Base

Bliss OS Downloads

Bliss OS 11.x builds are based on android 9.0, these builds are stable and can be used as daily driver.

Standard Version (For Old CPU & GPU) Features Download
Bliss OS 11.13 GMS Stable (x86_64) Changelog #Kernel4.19 #Mesa20.1 #GApps SourceForge
Bliss OS 11.14 FOSS Stable Changelog #Kernel4.19 #Mesa20.1 #FOSS SourceForge
Advance Hardware Support (For New CPU & GPU) Features Download
Bliss OS 11.14 FOSS Experimental (x86_64) Changelog #Kernel5.10 #Mesa20.1 #FOSS SourceForge

Bliss OS 14.x builds are based on android 11, these builds are still under development and we don't recommend it for new users.

Standard Version (For Old CPU & GPU) Features Download
Bliss OS 14.3 GMS with Gearlock (x86_64) Changelog #Kernel5.4 #Mesa20.1 #GApps #Gearlock SourceForge
Advance Hardware Support (For New CPU & GPU) Features Download
Bliss OS 14.3 GMS Experimental (x86_64) Changelog #Kernel5.10 #Mesa21 #GApps SourceForge
Bliss OS 14.3 FOSS (x86) Changelog #Kernel5.10 #Mesa20.1 #FOSS SourceForge
Bliss OS 14.3 FOSS (x86_64) Changelog #Kernel5.10 #Mesa20.1 #FOSS SourceForge

Bliss OS 15.x builds are based on android 12

These builds are in early alpha and not recommended for users.

We are asking those that would like to test to understand how to produce logs using logcat, so we came up with a way to educate the user before the download.
Please use "ls", "cd" and other commands to locate the external storage (Where the Documents, DCIM, and Download folders are) and save a "logcat.txt" file in the root directory there.

Download Terminal (needs js enabled)

*** Bliss OS v15 Alpha ***

In order to download, you must prove you can create
a logcat.txt in the root of your external storage

You have already entered root console "$ su"

Commands: ls, cd, mkdir, echo, touch, rm, cat, pwd, help, logcat


Android-Generic builds are based on android 11, these builds are still under development and we don't recommend it for new users.

Experimental builds Features Download
Android-Generic 11 AOSP (x86_64) Changelog #Kernel5.4 #Mesa20.1 #AOSP SourceForge
Android-Generic 11 FOSS (x86_64) Changelog #Kernel5.4 #Mesa20.1 #FOSS SourceForge


With the help of our users and fans, we've been able to grow from individual, passionate volunteers into a small but sustainable team. Every little bit of support helps us improve our projects and tackle even more ambitious goals.

Directly fund Bliss OS and get a badge on your GitHub profile to show your support. GitHub Sponsors doesn't charge any fees, so it's a great way to make your contribution go farther.

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Bliss OS is also on OpenCollective, and you can contribute to our collective through the link below.

Bliss Docs

Bliss ROMs documentation can be found on our docs site, while our development update posts can be found on the XDA thread for that devices release version.

We recommend all users start with using the documentation we have provided before trying to hunt us down online and ask us questions as this action takes away the valuable development time we have committed towards this project. None of us are paid for the work we do on Bliss, so please set your expectations accordingly. 

For questions, please join our Community Support chats on Telegram or Discord and search for answers in there.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Everything that we make is 100% open source and developed collaboratively by people from all over the world. Even if you're not a programmer, you can get involved and make a difference. We are constantly looking for people to help out with the following activities on our project.

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media & Advertising
  • Animation
  • Kernel Development
  • Device Development
  • Platform Development
  • Web App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Business Management
  • Product Strategy

If you are interested in helping out with any of the above, please fill out our form to let us know how you can help. Google form

Built for Developers

A rapid prototyping toolkit Created by the makers of Bliss OS. Android-Generic Project aims to assist in bringing all AOSP based projects to x86/x86_64 PC hardware, emulators, and more

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