Bliss OS Stats Site

Our Bliss Stats app collects a single device identifier when each device boots up for the first time.

This sites purpose is to allow that data to be publicly viewable.

The Stats

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We are a 501(c3) nonprofit, run by people that donate their free time towards the project. We do our best to bring a quality OS to your device, while working a real job on the side in most cases. Please consider showing us we're on the right track by clicking the button below.

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We are accepting people in small manageable groups while we grow, and we tend to lean towards the type of people that want to learn and grow with Bliss Family of ROMs. Bliss provides the tools, knowledge and the mentorship needed to help bring your development dreams to reality, and all we ask in return is a minimum contribution towards Bliss ROM while you learn and grow in your strengths. If you're an individual and would like to apply to join our team, please use the button below

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